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Secure Connections Podcast

Cyber Security represents both a challenge and opportunity for the IT Service Providers as their SMB and mid-market customers rely on them to keep their business operating and secure. As security threats continue to evolve, it’s imperative that ITSP’s strive to remain at the forefront of knowledge and education so they’re able to effectively service and protect their customers. The IoTSSA Editorial Team and Vendor Partners will deliver the content and solutions that members require to keep their clients protected.

Jul 31, 2019

Brian talks with Risk Management Consultant, Technology and Software at GCG Financial, Zachary Slade on the different structures of Cyber Liability Insurance and what you need to know to ensure you and your clients are protected.

When buying auto insurance, we of course use our broker as a resource to ensure we our...

Jul 18, 2019

We have heard many references to cyber security being a multi headed beast to contend with. Dan Wensley CEO at Warranty Master, talks about a fundamental service which all MSPs need to adopt in order to better service and protect their customers.

A 100% transparent and consolidated stance on hardware deployment and...

Jul 12, 2019

We see this continually in the IoTSSA community where SMBs think that you the IT Service Provider are monitoring and keeping them safe from the bad guys, even if it is a service they aren’t paying for. These assumptions hammer home the importance of needing to have these discussions with your clients.

Matt gives a...

Jul 3, 2019

Many conversations we have with IT Service Providers circle around the SMB and how to break through and get them to understand the importance of cyber security. Where are all of these industry growth dollars the stats speak of because many SMB clients aren’t listening.

The reality is, the message is starting to break...