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Secure Connections Podcast

Cyber Security represents both a challenge and opportunity for the IT Service Providers as their SMB and mid-market customers rely on them to keep their business operating and secure. As security threats continue to evolve, it’s imperative that ITSP’s strive to remain at the forefront of knowledge and education so they’re able to effectively service and protect their customers. The IoTSSA Editorial Team and Vendor Partners will deliver the content and solutions that members require to keep their clients protected.

Nov 11, 2020

Brian sits down with Dan Wensley, CEO of ScalePad, Adam Slutskin, CRO at Liongard and Zak Karsan, CEO of Vault America for a look ahead to 2021 and beyond. With Thanksgiving around the corner it’s a good time for reflection on a turbulent year to say the least, however there are many silver linings when we look closely. When standing in the face of adversity, change is sped up and in many cases forced, where we may have otherwise been a little more complacent and comfortable. ‘Remember what we’ve learned this year and continue to build on it’ states Adam. Technology is properly recognized as an essential service and MSPs have evolved into trusted technology consultants. As they say….’The world is our oyster’, it’s where we take our business and expertise from here…that’s up to us.