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Secure Connections Podcast

Cyber Security represents both a challenge and opportunity for the IT Service Providers as their SMB and mid-market customers rely on them to keep their business operating and secure. As security threats continue to evolve, it’s imperative that ITSP’s strive to remain at the forefront of knowledge and education so they’re able to effectively service and protect their customers. The IoTSSA Editorial Team and Vendor Partners will deliver the content and solutions that members require to keep their clients protected.

Mar 31, 2021

Tyler Moffitt, Senior Threat Research Analyst with Webroot unpacks Blockchain Technology with Brian and what we should be educating our customers about. How to detect if we have been compromised for crypto mining and some other excellent takeaways, along with a few horror stories as always from Tyler!  

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Mar 23, 2021

As vaccinations ramp up and we look positively to the near future, there are many conversations around the work force dynamic moving forward and will business be adopting a Hybrid structure. The answer is an overwhelming yes as many companies have already made changes to office environments and adopted the model.

Mar 9, 2021

Brian talks risk appetite with James Bowers II, CEO and Chief Security and Information Officer with Input Output. James takes the 10,000 ft. view and breaks down risk, both quantitatively and qualitatively and then gives some good insights on determining where you are at and what really is needed for you to...

Mar 4, 2021

There has been a lot of conversation about the explosive growth and awareness this pandemic has created for the IT channel. The elevation of MSPs to trusted business infrastructure advisor. Taking stock of our businesses as we move into 2021, Amy Luby, Head of Global Community with Acronis, Bill Morgan, Regional Sales...

Mar 3, 2021

Greg Rosenberg, Senior Manager – Sales Engineering with Sophos gives us a clear and structured approach to building out a robust security stack. With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at the crux of our security tools conversations, Greg provides clarity on the difference between the two and how you can...